Mast, Keith & Miller Do Battle For Congressional District 18

In the contentious race for the 18th Congressional District seat, Democrat Pam Keith gets the chance to go head-to-head with Republican Incumbent Brian Mast this time around. Two years ago, she lost the Democrat primary to Lauren Baer.

Mast, a wounded war veteran seeking a third term, talks about his accomplishments in the House.

"Water and veterans...two biggest things that I work on every single day. Water for our community. Infrastructure for our community. Issues related directly in our Department of Veterans Affairs here locally, or issues related to veterans across the country."

Mast, in 2018, voted to repeal Obamacare and that's one thing that U.S. Navy veteran Keith takes aim at in her campaign.

"At a minimum, we need to shore up the Affordable Care Act. We do not need to be taking healthcare and pre-existing condition coverage away from Americans right now. That's morally bankrupt as well as fiscally ridiculous."

The third candidate is a Republican, running with No Party Affiliation. K.W. Miller, whose career experience includes working in the energy, finance and infrastructure industries, calls himself the "true conservative" in this race.

"Brian Mast, for lack of better terms, is a Republican in name only...aka Democrat. His voting record reflects that. My baseline is the Constitution. We're not going to crack open the Constitution. We're not going to chip away at the Second Amendment, the First Amendment..."

Mast's voting record shows he has voted with President Trump more than 88 percent of the time.

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Photo: Getty Images

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