16-Year Sheriff Bradshaw Faces Challenge From Former Captain In PBSO Race

The race for Palm Beach County Sheriff is in our Election Spotlight, brought to you by Air Around the Clock.

Incumbent Ric Bradshaw was the West Palm Beach Police Chief for eight years, before becoming the sheriff in 2004.

"We took a agency that was basically a train wreck and made it into one of the nation's most professional, advanced and effective law enforcement agencies."

We asked him to name some achievements in recent years.

"Our mental health unit that now is being replicated all over the United States. What we've done with police reforms where everybody's saying you've got to do these eight things, and we've already done them all and had them in place for five years."

Democrat Bradshaw is being challenged by Lauro Diaz, a former Palm Beach County Sheriff's Captain. The Republican says Bradshaw does not believe in transparency, accountability or honesty.

"He is reckless with your budget. He spends the money on God knows what because he's not transparent."

He points to some office space being rented by PBSO while the Sheriff's headquarters are being renovated due to mold.

"Why would you spend $42 a square foot, when you can find plenty of excellent office space for under $20 a square foot. Again, it's not his money so he doesn't care."

Bradshaw says the money being used to pay for the temporary headquarters is coming out of forfeiture funds and he defends the amount he's paying.

Image: PBSO

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