22-Year Old FAU Student Takes On Emily Slosberg For Florida House Seat

In the race for State House, District 91, Incumbent Democrat Emily Slosberg faces a challenge from Republican newcomer Sayd Hussain.

Representative Slosberg touts her traffic safety legislation, including one law that will take effect on January 1st.

"I passed the School Bus Safety bill that increases the penalties for passing a school bus. If you pass on the side where kids are getting on and off the bus it like triples the fine."

If elected to a third term, she says she'll push to expand her hands-free cellphone law that's only active in school and construction zones currently, to everywhere on Florida's roadways.

But Slosberg says she has also gotten legislation passed that isn't traffic safety-related, including some that benefits seniors.

"My demographic in my district is the second-oldest demographic in the state."

Hussain is far from a senior, at just 22-years old he's an FAU engineering student who says he wants to focus on seniors and their rights, as well as the environment and HOA reform. That last one is something he says is personal.

"A lot of people move to Florida from New York and other parts of the country not realizing they're signing up to pretty much be surveillanced by a few groups in their community."

Hussain says plenty of Democrats support him, because of his stances.

"I am the only candidate in this race that doesn't take money from polluters."

Slosberg's answer to that...

"I really haven't turned away any specific industries, but I'm not for sale. They're just supporting my campaign, supporting me as a candidate. But my vote's not for sale."

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Photo: Getty Images

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