Palm Beach County Sheriff Says No Concerns Over Election-Related Violence

With tensions mounting over the still unresolved presidential race, authorities in other areas of the country have had to make arrests during protests, but there no similar concerns in our area.

"We haven't had any indication or any intelligence information that there's going to be any issues here at all. The places that have had the unrest, it's just another excuse for them to have continued more looting...the continuation of what they've already been doing. It's just another excuse."

As for tensions on Election Day, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says there weren't many voter intimidation issues like the ones they had to respond to during the previous two weeks.

"We had a couple issues during the Early Voting and that's because there was a limited amount of sites. So obviously you had more people going to a limited amount of sites. It really wasn't outrageous stuff."

Those incidents involved people getting in voters' faces without masks on, or honking horns.

Should Bradshaw fulfill his full term that he won on Tuesday, he would be the longest-serving Sheriff in Palm Beach County history at 20 years...and he tells us that he plans to serve the full four years.

"To be honest with you that really didn't enter my mind. I did this for the right reasons and obviously the people in Palm Beach County saw that those reasons were the right reasons."

Bradshaw tells us some of his priorities.

"The body cameras are right on the first part of the page there. We've got the work group already put together. They've met a couple of times."

He says they're in the process of choosing the vendors and expects the first cameras to be ready within 12 to 18 months, but it will be longer before all 3,000 body cams are up and running. And for those who say that's not quick enough...

"This ain't a microwave oven where you're just sticking a pot pie in there and 30 seconds later it's ready to go. This is a huge technological problem."

The sheriff says expanding PBSO's mental health unit is another priority.

Hear more from Sheriff Bradshaw in our interview for Protecting the Palm Beaches, above.

Photo: Getty Images

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