Turkey Donations Needed For WPB Event To Feed Families This Thanksgiving

Personal trainer Christopher Clarke (right) with Jimmy Cliff (left)

Less fortunate members of the community will have an opportunity to get free turkeys this weekend and the head of the West Palm Beach Police Department will be one of the people handing them out.

"It's about unity and bringing the community together because the police chief will be handing out the turkeys. That will actually allow a relationship-building process."

Organizer Christopher Clarke says Chief Frank Adderly won't be alone handing out the birds at the historic Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church on 8th Street on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Mayor Keith James will also be there, as well as several sponsors.

Clarke says they have so far secured 300 turkeys for local families in need, and he asks the public to help with more. Cash donations will not be accepted.

You can go to the Publix at 135 Bradley Place in Palm Beach, speak to a manager and mentioned the donation drive. They will have your turkey brought to the church on Saturday.

You can also purchase a frozen turkey anywhere and bring it yourself.

Christopher is a personal trainer who has worked with celebrities like reggae star and fellow Jamaica native Jimmy Cliff. But he hasn't forgotten where he came from. That's why he says he organizes these types of charitable events.

"It was a pledge to God. I fell on hard times. I was homeless at 17. God stepped in, he elevated my life. He protected me. He sent good people into my life and I became successful. And I made a promise to God that I'm going to just be his soldier and do what I can."

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Photo Courtesy of Christopher Clarke

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