Q&A of the Day – Has Newsmax TV joined the cancel culture?

Q&A of the Day – Has Newsmax TV joined the cancel culture?

Today’s entry: So now Newsmax is censoring Mike Lindell too? Who’s left?

Bottom Line: When I woke up and checked my email yesterday, I had no idea what specifically happened on Newsmax TV Tuesday night, but I knew it upset a number of listeners like this one. In case you missed the segment or the subsequent news stories picked up by many mainstream news outlets, including the Washington Post, USA Today and Yahoo News among others....here’s what happened.

In an interview which didn’t last even three minutes, My Pillow founder Mike Lindell found himself almost immediately cutoff by anchor Bob Sellers in an interview which featured something I’ve never seen. A show anchor walking off of the set. Lindell was on the Newsmax TV show hosted by Bob Sellers and former Fox News anchor Heather Childers, to discuss his having been de-platformed with both his personal and MyPillow social media accounts. Almost immediately Lindell mentioned the reason he was de-platformed was due to his investigation into election fraud related to the Dominion Voting systems. He repeatedly stated he had 100% proof but about as quickly as he started saying it, he was talked over by Sellers in an odd sequence which went on for about a minute before Lindell stopped talking and Sellers asked him a question pointing in the direction, he wanted the conversation to go. When Lindell started back with election frauds claims Sellers walked off the set leaving Childers there to attempt to salvage the situation. Incidentally, before he walked off he’d attempted to direct the producers to end the interview with Lindell. Notably, Newsmax made a big deal out of the interview in advanced promoting it on-air, online and through a push alert – thus there would be a natural reluctance to simply stop an interview almost before it started. Ok, so what about this.

I’ve known Newmax CEO Chris Ruddy long before Newmax TV even went live in 2014. If the question is if Newsmax has joined the cancel culture. I haven’t spoken to Ruddy about this over the past day, but I don’t need to. I can tell you emphatically that as long as Chris Ruddy is leading Newsmax, it’ll never be part of the cancel culture. I say that both based on my personal knowledge/relationship with Chris Ruddy in addition to my professional experience with them. I’ve served as a guest contributor to Newsmax TV since they went on the air and as a spokesperson for them over the past year. Never once has my editorial perspective been influence or silenced - only encouraged. What happened Tuesday night I believe was a failure by both Lindell and Sellers.

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