Delray Commissioner Seeks 5th Term, Challenged By Longtime Newspaper Man

In our Election Spotlight, Delray Beach City Commissioner Adam Frankel is running for a fifth term in Seat 1, and he's facing a challenge from Price Patton, a journalist who spent more than 20 years at the Palm Beach Post before co-founding the Coastal Star newspaper.

There is a lot of finger pointing in this race, with the incumbent saying that Patton may be too politically cozy with the current mayor and another commission candidate.

"My opponent, he is very much tied to the mayor. He has donated financially, not only in this election cycle as well as 2018 to our mayor. So, do you want an independent thinker or do you want someone that will be a rubber stamp, potentially, for some other colleagues on the dais?

Patton says he supports "sensible" development in the city, but that Frankel has voted in favor of too many projects that didn't make sense.

He cites Atlantic Crossing and Swinton Commons.

"The city gave away streets and roads and alleys to the developers, which allowed them to build bigger and more dense projects. I'd never give away a street or an alley unless there was like a really good reason."

Both candidates also talk about the city's COVID-19 response, among other topics.

The race is open to all registered voters in the city of Delray Beach.

Photo: City of Delray Beach

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