Q&A – Biden administration aids sex traffickers in Florida – Part 2

Q&A of the Day – Biden administration aids sex traffickers in Florida – Part 2

Bottom Line: ICE’s Operation Talon was an initiative originated in 2014, during the Obama administration, aimed to curb the proliferation of Human trafficking within the United States. The reason it was deemed important to use ICE to combat trafficking nationally was the realization that 77.5% of those trafficked within the United States are themselves illegal immigrants according to the Polaris Project. As was cited by AG Moody in her request to the Biden administration to immediately reinstate Operation Talon, according to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, from October 2014 to May 2018, ICE arrested 19,752 illegal aliens with criminal convictions for sex-related offenses. That’s the most recent information available. Now consider this...

Operation Talon was an Obama-era ICE operation, continued by the Trump administration, which took approximately 15 illegal alien sexual offenders, most commonly human traffickers, out of our society daily...with an average of one being removed from Florida daily. And it became an early top priority of the Biden administration to end it? It’s mind-boggling but it’s real. Here’s how it happened...

A February 3rd directive by the Biden administration was issued to ICE. Under the directive, an illegal immigrant should only be targeted and held for deportation by ICE if they’d been convicted of a felony. That remarkably eliminated all proactive enforcement by ICE nationally - even for victims of human trafficking. Especially chilling is the timing. As we came to learn, Operation Talon had been working for months to carry out a nationwide sting for illegal alien human sex traffickers. The day of the sting was to be February 10th. The directive appears to have been issued with timing aimed at stopping this nationwide sting. A directive which clearly prioritized illegal immigrant human sex traffickers over the safety of our country, our families and most specifically our children. But why would this happen? Politics of course.

It’s well known that the radical left has been calling for the abolition of ICE for a while. This Biden administration’s directive is a huge step in that direction. More recently than the February 3rd directive came one last week. In that directive terms such as “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” have been banned within the federal government. It’s clear what the priorities are of the Biden administration. There are few issues in our society, if any, which are as abhorrent as human sex trafficking. The Biden administration’s efforts to end the most effective federal initiative to combat it, which was active during the Obama administration no less, is wrong. And if by chance you don’t believe it is, I’d like to hear the justification. Better still, tell it to the 32 families who will lose a loved one to human trafficking today.

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