What state has the highest election integrity & what can we learn from it?

What state has the highest election integrity and what can we learn from it? 

Bottom Line: Yesterday we discussed Georgia's new voter law, which isn’t the most resistive in any category and doesn’t enact policy which isn’t already in force in other states. In other words, there’s no validity, nor truth to the narrative that Georgia’s new law is oppressive or regressive. Moreover, states like Joe Biden’s home of Delaware and MLB’s home – which is New York, have more restrictive laws that the reforms just passed in Georgia. The effort to make the new law seem repressive is sheer intimidation from President Biden on down to any states that dare attempt to improve upon Electoral Integrity. It’s also an effort to attempt to present the appearance of a crisis at the state level to pressure and intimidate members of Congress, specifically in the Senate, into getting behind the federal power grab over state elections known as HB1. You may have noticed multiple organizations hinting at this as they condemned Georgia’s new law. Take for example the statement by Coke’s CEO: 

  • Our focus is now on supporting federal legislation that protects voting access and addresses voter suppression across the country. 

Any questions? It’s all been part of an orchestrated plan by leftists – be they in the White House or corporate America. Meanwhile, what state has the strictest voting laws in the country? Mississippi. What’s Mississippi’s law?

  • No online voter registration
  • No early voting
  • No no-excuse absentee voting
  • Photo ID required

Compare that to Georgia’s expanded early voting, no excuse absentee voting and online voter registration. So, why hasn’t there been a non-stop boycott in the state of Mississippi by the “woke” crowd? The answer is clear and obvious. Political opportunism. And remember the real objective here isn’t just to intimidate other states from improving election integrity – it's to intimidate members of Congress into supporting the federal takeover of elections with standards well below what is currently legal in Florida – let alone a state like Mississippi. What’s happened with this Georgia voter law boycott is the biggest overreach I’ve witnessed. That’s because the stakes have never been higher. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images