Boynton Beach Police Hold First Ever Gun Buyback Event

It's a first in the history of one local city...a Gun Buyback event this weekend.

"This is just one more thing, one more activity we're putting in place. One more program we're putting in place to reduce crime in the city of Boynton Beach."

Police Chief Michael Gregory tells us the event is aimed at keeping unwanted guns out of the hands of criminals. He says stolen guns are at the center of most crimes.

"Most of the firearms that end up in illicit crimes such as robbery or carjacking and things of that nature, those are usually illegally obtained. People don't go to the store and buy them and register them for themselves and then go commit some sort of criminal act with it."

The concern is that residents may have working firearms in the house that may have been left behind by a loved one who has died and they don't want it, but don't know the proper way to safely dispose of the weapon.

Those folks can head to the Boynton Beach Church of God House of Kingdom Worship Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The chief says the gun must be unloaded and in a box, bag or case in the trunk. You can drive up, stay in the vehicle, pop the trunk and let an officer take the firearm.

Gift cards to Target and Walmart for up to $200 will be given out for each functional gun.

Click Here for full details.

Image: Boynton Beach Police Dept.

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