Q&A –What Happens If Florida’s Teachers Defy The Board Of Education? Part 2

Q&A Of The Day – Part 2 What Happens If Florida’s Teachers Defy Board Of Education Policy?

Bottom Line: Should the Florida Board of Education prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Florida’s schools and should teachers attempt it anyway, the state provides a path for accountability. This includes the ability for parents to report concerns or violations. Should a violation be found by the state here’s what can happen: If the Commissioner of Education determines the educator's conduct warrants disciplinary action, the Education Practices Commission, a quasi-judicial body, determines what penalty to issue against an educator's certificate. Penalties that can be issued against an educator's certificate can range from a letter of reprimand, fines, probation, suspension or revocation. This is yet another reason why it’s important for parents and concerned citizens to be engaged with what’s happening in the classroom – regardless of what happens with the state board’s CRT decision on Thursday. 

Sadly, as I address in today’s Top Three Takeaways, 78% of Florida’s teachers are members of the Florida Education Association. While I hope good teachers, who are genuinely interested in education rather than indoctrination, reconsider their membership in the FEA - we have to be mindful that many, if not most, are members because they’re supportive of the agenda. It’s naïve and generally incorrect to think the tail is wagging the dog. We all play a role in Florida’s education & we certainly pay a lot for it. Part of public policy accountability is holding everyone accountable to their actions. Teachers have long received a pass. Great teachers are worth their weight in gold. Bad teachers have the potential to corrupt generations of kids. If we care about making a difference in the classroom our school boards need to be held accountable for their decisions and likewise our teachers for theirs. We’re having these discussions because the education establishment is attempting to further corrupt the minds of kids with ideas like critical race theory while Governor DeSantis is willing to fight it. 

What happens when the day comes that DeSantis isn’t around to fight these battles anymore? We need to do our part and teachers who go rouge can be held accountable if we do our part. The goal is for that not to be necessary but for us to ready. 

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