Q&A – Is DeSantis Using CRT & Gender ID For 2024 Ambitions? Part 2

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

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Q&A Of The Day – Is DeSantis Using CRT & Gender ID For 2024 Ambitions? Part 2

Bottom Line: The argument you referenced, and the left has articulated, is that these are policies in search of a problem. That critical race theory isn’t part of the curriculum so it’s a non-issue anyway and that there hasn’t been an issue in Florida with boys unfairly competing with girls. Real leadership, the most effective form of leadership, is identifying potential problems and addressing them before you have major issues on your hands. The anthesis is managing to a crisis. Those who chose to say an issue isn’t a problem, rather than engaging on the merits of the issue itself, are espousing a perspective endemic of managing to a crisis. 

Can we all agree we’d prefer to have law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercept a terrorist attack before it happens? While that’s an extreme example it illustrates a point. Preventing problems is better than reacting to them. In the case of critical race theory whole states, like California, have adopted it. So have countless cities across the country. The Florida Education Association is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. The second largest teacher’s union in the country. The union introducing CRT in California’s schools, keeping schools locked down all year and for guiding the CDC on how to shape their guidance to fit their agenda. The FEA is using the same tactics here. 

Ask yourself this question. If critical race theory isn’t an issue as opponents suggest, why the concern over the rule change anyway? Conversely, if Florida waits to take action until CRT is being taught, what's the impact on our kids and what’s the opportunity cost of not using that time to teach civics as opposed to racism? 78% of Florida’s public-school teachers are members of the FEA. How many of them will take the liberty of teaching CRT given the opportunity? For that matter, where’s the opposition by teachers to their union’s position? We just witnessed the Duval and Palm Beach County School Districts introduce it into their mission statements. Is that supposed to be a non-issue too? Now, back to the original question. Even if you think Governor DeSantis is opposed to critical race theory due to national political ambitions, it doesn’t matter. It’s good policy. Ditto, the other you mentioned – the mandate for the use of biological birth as opposed gender identity. I’ll dive into those considerations in the third part of today’s Q&A.

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