Q&A – Is DeSantis Using CRT & Gender ID For 2024 Ambitions? Part 3

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds News Conference In Miami

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Q&A Of The Day – Is DeSantis Using CRT & Gender ID For 2024 Ambitions? Part 3

Bottom Line: It’s biological fact that the average male is physiologically superior to the average female. According to a U.S Air Force study, that remains true even after years of hormone treatments. A separate study affirmed those findings, with full conversion resulting in a maximum decline in physical advantage of only 10%. Meaning that under any circumstance - at least 90% of the natural advantage of having been born male exists. If we’re simply talking about a matter of fair and honest competition, it’s unfair for females to have to compete with biological males athletically. But still, the point that’s argued is that it hasn’t been an issue in Florida. Wasn’t that the same argument used once upon a time in cases of religious liberty? Take for example the case of the Masterpiece Cakeshop which was targeted by activists looking to try to put them out of business along with all other businesses who exercised use of religious liberty in their business practices. Sure, the owners of the cake shop won the case in the United States Supreme Court but that was six years after they’d had their business shutdown, livelihood ruined and had been subjected to endless messages of hate. Now think about the implications in terms of transgender athletics. 

The first and most dangerous is the consideration that minors would be altering their gender in the first place. Whether physically or mentally. There’s a reason why one’s signature isn’t even legal until 18. Think back in your own life to all of the really bad ideas you had prior to the age of 18. It’s insanity to suggest children are mature enough to make decisions regarding the altering of their God-given gender in the first place. More insane are the adults arguing for the ability to make it happen. Activists messing with adults is bad enough. Activists messing with kids is worse. The activist movement has progressed from the days of pushing for gay rights into transgenderism. If someone’s heading down that path it would seem to make sense that their signature is legal before they’re medically altered. But then again, I don’t believe God makes mistakes in the first place so what do I know? Point is this. There’s clear medical and scientific reasons why one’s biological gender at birth should determine the gender one competes in athletically - aside from any additional phycological concerns. Thus, the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” is sound public policy.

What it comes down to is this. While some might say that Governor DeSantis is attempting to set policy in Florida for the purpose of advancing his political career. The fact of the matter is it’s the success of his policy in Florida that’s provided for the path for him to advance his political career. DeSantis has a consistent track record of outstanding policy that’s served Florida well and in turn has created a national profile. It doesn’t work the other way around and that’s the inconvenient truth that’s left Democrats scrambling and DeSantis’s prospects rising.

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