West Palm Beach Police Officers To Get Raises Of Up To 29%

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Photo: Getty Images

Some local police officers are getting raises.

The city of West Palm Beach has worked out a new contract with the police department, after several months of negotiations.

All officers will receive a market adjustment in pay on October 1st and they will also get annual increases of 5 percent on their work anniversaries. That means some cops may get combined raises of as much as 15 to 29 percent.

Mayor Keith James says the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic made the negotiations a challenge, citing the nine months it took to get a deal approved.

Police Chief Frank Adderly hopes the higher wages will help attract officers, because the department has more than 20 vacancies. He plans to take a more aggressive approach in recruiting efforts.

The agreement also means pay hikes for people working other positions in the agency, including crime scene investigators and community service aides.

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