Q&A – Part 1 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released in Florida

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Q&A Of The Day – Part 1 How Many Criminal Illegal Immigrants are being released in Florida? 

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Today’s entry: If ICE isn’t removing criminal illegals how many are being released back into our communities? It’s outrageous that this doesn’t get more attention!

Bottom Line: Today’s note is on the heels of Governor DeSantis’s decision to send law enforcement personal to aid efforts at our southern border. After the failures of the Biden administration to secure the southern border, the governors of Arizona and Texas reached out to governors of other states asking for help – as their state and local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed. As DeSantis, noted – the lack of border enforcement is a problem for all of us because illegal immigrants often make their way into Florida. DeSantis also highlighted ICE’s policy under President Biden to not issue detainer requests for the removal criminal illegal immigrants from Florida as a priority in this decision. As an example he cited the case of Marvin Mendoza in Martin County. A 20-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala who had been arrested three times in Martin County – without ICE cooperating with the county on detainer requests to remove him. After the third release he broke into a senior community and committed sexual assault. 

Before diving into how many criminal illegal immigrants are being released back into Florida’s communities due to the Biden policy, here’s what has specifically occurred under the Biden administration at ICE. 

  • On January 20th - President Biden’s first day as president – He signed an executive order rescinding the existing ICE detainer policy with regard to the detaining and removing of illegal immigrants. He also canceled Operation Talon which was the national human trafficking operation of ICE to identify and remove human sex traffickers. 
  • On February 18th, at the Direction of President Biden, ICE issued new guidance on who would be detained. It limited the scope to those deemed “of national interest (IE suspected terrorists)”, or those convicted of an “aggravated felony”.

The result of this extremely limited scope has been a dramatic decrease in detentions of criminal illegal immigrants across the country. Most commonly, once a criminal illegal immigrant has served the time they were sentenced to serve, local law enforcement agencies have no choice but to release these individuals back into our communities without ICE’s cooperation. In the second part of today’s Q&A – we'll take a look at how many criminal illegal immigrants are being released back into our communities. 

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