Q&A – How Many Criminal Illegal Immigrants Are Released In South Florida?

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Q&A Of The Day – How Many Criminal Illegal Immigrants Are Released In South Florida?

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Today’s entry: Thank you for the story about ICE’s failure to issue detainer requests for criminal illegals under Biden. I’ve shared it with several people but do have a question for you. In the story you provided an estimated number of criminal illegals in Florida being rereleased. Is there more specific information available for South Florida so we have an idea of what’s happening here? 

Bottom Line: In Friday’s Q&A I brought you the information that under President Biden’s executive orders, ICE’s ability to issue detainer requests had been dramatically reduced. Specifically, a minimum of 75% fewer criminal illegal immigrants were being detained to be deported after serving their time in Florida’s jails since Biden became President. To address your follow up question, yes there’s more specific information available with which we can estimate the real-time impact in South Florida. The most recent year we have complete local information for is 2019’s fiscal year.

In 2019 there were 10,012 ICE detainers issued in Florida for the purpose of detaining criminal illegal immigrants upon completing their prison sentence to be processed for deportation. With a minimum of 75% fewer detainers being issued, had President Biden’s policy been in place there would have be a minimum of 7,509 additional criminal illegal immigrants released in Florida. As for South Florida, here’s a breakout by county: 

  • Broward: 525
  • Miami-Dade: 1,647
  • Palm Beach: 764

The Tri-County accounts for just over 29% of the state’s detainer requests – which is about in line with our population. Now, had the Biden policy been in place in 2019, a minimum of 3,915 criminal illegal immigrants, or an average of about 11 per day would have been released in South Florida. That gives you an idea of approximately what’s happening in real-time. Also, with 19% of criminal illegal immigrants being rearrested within 3 years of being released, a minimum average of 2 future criminal illegal immigrants are being released daily in South Florida. This all comes courtesy of President Biden and his priority to cave to the radical left. 

I commonly say while every election has consequences, it’s often those closest to you that have the biggest impact in your daily life. The example of President Biden limiting the ability for ICE to issue detainer requests to remove criminal illegal immigrants from our communities is one of the exceptions. It’s also inexcusable. While South Florida’s communities have held the line when it comes to funding and supporting our police, we’re helpless when there’s federal authority being used to undermine safety in our communities in the name of anti-ICE radicals. This is just another reminder that President Biden is a radical. Not a moderate. 

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