Q&A Of The Day – Will Donald Trump Turn On Ron DeSantis? 

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Q&A Of The Day – Will Donald Trump Turn On Ron DeSantis? 

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Today’s entry: Hey Brian, couple of questions I’d like to hear your thoughts on. Now that DeSantis seems to be taking the GOP leadership role from Donald Trump, do you think Trump will turn on DeSantis? Also, do you think Trump might run for another political office other than president? 

Bottom Line: I’ll start by combining your questions and answering them this way. I think there’s a better chance Donald Trump runs for a political office other than president, than I do think Trump would turn on DeSantis. I’ve previously said I only think one of Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump will run for president in 2024, granted that was prior to DeSantis’s topping of Trump in straw polls and such but my thoughts haven’t changed. I’ve expected what we’re seeing play out right now with Ron DeSantis’s national popularity since February and the seeds were sown last summer.

The moment Democrats in conjunction with their allies in news media decided last June that Governor DeSantis was public enemy #2 to Trump, they laid the ground work for where we are today. It’s hard for any politician to gain a meaningful national profile without significant campaigning and a huge grassroots effort, however DeSantis didn’t have to. The DNC and news media along with late-night mental midgets did it for him. When they spent months hammering DeSantis while praising Cuomo the die had been cast. Leftists must have really bought into Faucism, else they never would have handled DeSantis and Florida the way they did knowing it would backfire.

After so much energy was put into demonizing Governor DeSantis and his pandemic policies all he had to be was right. Isn’t it ironic that the media hero of 2020, Andrew Cuomo, is the most loathed governor in the country today while the media enemy of 2020 Ron DeSantis, is the most popular? It’s illustrative of just how wrong news media, Democrats generally and Fauci were. Still, none of this explains why I think Trump won’t turn on DeSantis. I have two reasons for that thought. First, Trump’s mission wasn’t just to be President. It was to create a movement to “Make America Great Again”. He had a long history dating back to 70’s espousing the agenda he fought to enact – including his iconic 1988 interview with Oprah where he sounds exactly then as he does today. I have no doubt he cares more about the agenda than he does being president again.

The key is to having a standard bearer who can be trusted with the agenda and DeSantis can be. The second reason is, if Trump’s really bent on running again, I don’t think DeSantis would choose to force the issue. But make no mistake, the same news media that’s tried to destroy DeSantis would love nothing more than to have Trump try to do it – so don’t be surprised to hear them egging it on and behind closed doors rooting for it. As for the potential of Trump running for another political office...? Stranger things have happened.

Three former Presidents of the United States have held other elected offices after having been president. John Quincy Adams who served nine terms in the House of Representatives following his administration. John Tyler who won an election in the Confederate House of Representatives in 1861 – during the Civil War. Andrew Johnson Who served in the United States Senate in 1874. So, it’s been a while, but it’s happened and when it comes to Donald Trump, I wouldn’t completely discount the prospect. When Donald Trump became president, Ron DeSantis was in Congress. Wouldn’t the inverse be interesting? I wouldn’t bet on itbut one could envision a world in which Trump could literally put Nancy Pelosi in her place. 

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