Ultimate Guide To Florida’s 2022 Proposed Constitutional Amendments –Part 1

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Ultimate Guide To Florida’s 2022 Proposed Constitutional Amendments – Part 1

Bottom Line: This week’s official launch of the 2022 sports betting initiative by none other than the Florida Education Champions aka Draft Kings and FanDuel, has begun to fuel the 2022 proposed amendment conversation. In reality, they’re late to the party. The effort to get proposed constitutional amendments on Florida’s 2022 general election ballots has been nothing short of remarkable. The sports betting initiative is the 33rd, yes 33rd proposed constitutional amendment for next year’s general election ballot. Now, it is the most well-funded, with over $60 million having already poured into the effort (which gives you an early idea of how valuable the world of sports betting is to those who have an interest). In today’s breakout I’m going to provide a quick overview of what’s currently in play. But first I’ll start with what isn’t. 

There are already eight proposed constitutional amendments which have been stopped in their tracks. These include two efforts to legalize recreational marijuana, online voting, a ban of semiautomatic rifles and shotguns, an effort to force the legislature into a ratification of an “equal rights” amendment, an effort to have the state pay for online investment courses for anyone earning under $100,000 annually, a proposal to have a mandatory parole program for inmates over 50 who’ve served at least 25 years in prison, an attempt to mandate term limits for school boards and a partridge in a pear tree. Again, those are just the ones that’ve already crashed and burned. Then you have the two that’re already on next year’s ballot. These were passed by Florida’s legislature: 

On May 5th, I previewed those two and will address again during next year’s Florida Amendment Series. In the second part of my breakdown of Florida’s proposed 2022 Constitutional Amendments, I’ll provide an overview of the 23 other proposed constitutional amendments still alive that are attempting to gain access to your ballot next year

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