With The Start Of The PBC School Year Comes School Traffic

SCHOOL ZONE road warning sign

Photo: Moment RF

A local police chief reminds us that roadways will be getting busier next week.

"Everyone's going back (to) in-person classes and you're going to see school zones packed with cars again and you'll see kids walking and buses."

Tom Ceccarelli with Palm Springs PD says that, for the most part, it will be an unfamiliar site due to the pandemic.

"We've probably gotten used to it because I think for a year and a half we didn't have the traffic we were dealing with prior to that, but it's going to go back to that. So, pay attention to the flashing lights on the buses, watch for those kids running in and out of streets because they're trying to get to school."

Between public, charter and private, there are seven schools in Palm Springs and the chief is asking drivers to have patience.

Avoid the school zones if you can and for parents...don't wait for your kids after class in a shopping center, because it causes traffic issues.

Palm Beach County schools reopen to kids on Tuesday.

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