Q&A Of The Day – How To Handle Teacher Activism In South Florida - Part 2

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Q&A Of The Day – How To Handle Teacher Activism In South Florida - Part 2

Bottom Line: Given that we have day one concerns over the introduction of Critical Race Theory related material, here’s a refresh on the South Florida teachers who specifically pledged to teach Critical Race Theory in violation of Florida law.


  • Matthew Gross – Coral Springs
  • MR Russo – Pompano Beach
  • Maria Niforos – Pompano Beach
  • Cecilia Campbell – Dania Beach
  • Christopher Pereza– Hollywood


  • Dr. Julie Hood – Miami
  • Laura Leigh Ramphey– Miami
  • Thomas Fiori – Miami Beach
  • Maria Torres – Homestead

Palm Beach:

  • Eric Volat– West Palm Beach
  • Marie Cole – North Palm Beach
  • Aimee Trier – West Palm Beach
  • Jason Motta – Jupiter

So, if your child is in a class with any of those teachers – you know what you can expect and should certainly have your child made aware of the possibly of inappropriate material. Of course, most teachers who intend to teach CRT in a state like Florida where it’s against the law aren’t likely to sign a pledge. With 78% of Florida’s public-school teachers actively choosing to pay dues to the American Federation of Teachers which is pushing the CRT agenda, it’s time to wake up to the uncomfortable realities that most public-school teachers are choosing to be part of the problem. Here’s a refresh of who’s “teaching” our kids

  • An average of 86% of K-12 teachers are Democrats (50% higher than Florida’s registered voter population)

The good news in the case of the parent raising this concern in today’s Q&A, is that they’ve clearly done well in raising their daughter and engaging with her education. That’s the first and most important thing that any parent can do. Actively engage with your children over their education. Ensure you’re aware of what is and isn’t being taught in the classroom and have an open line of communication with them, such that they’re comfortable talking with you about inappropriate material being introduced by activist educators. The silver lining about the overt activism on display by the teachers unions and many of their members, is that they’re no longer attempting to mask their agenda. Leftist agendas have incrementally been introduced into our public education system starting with the creation of the Department of Education in 1980 and exacerbated by the Common Core Curriculum. Now it’s important that we turn the tables and take back the classrooms we all pay for. In the third part of today’s Q&A I’ll discuss what you should consider doing when faced with CRT and related agendas in the classroom.

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