Mask Mandate Ruling Leads To Immediate Reinstatement Of Parental Opt-Outs

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

The Palm Beach County School District has started accepting opt-out notices from parents to its schools mask mandate. This goes for kids in all grades.

The move was expected next Monday, but that was moved up after a ruling from an administrative law judge on Friday.

Several school districts challenged the state's emergency rule that student mask requirements must be at the "sole discretion" of parents or guardians and lost.

Calls and emails went out to parents on Saturday, letting them know that notes will be accepted in school today. It also stated, in part, that despite the change the district continues to believe its decisions have complied with the law and Constitutional duty to keep campuses safe and schools open.

We've also learned that masks are also now optional for teachers and other staff members at schools.

The school district still strongly encourages everyone to wear a mask. Parents who no longer want their kids to wear face coverings should send a signed note with their child to his or her first-period teacher.

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