Q&A – Illegal Immigration & The Rising Crime Rate

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Q&A – Illegal Immigration & The Rising Crime Rate 

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Today’s Entry: @brianmuddradio Please breakdown crime rate increase related to illegals under Biden. 

Bottom Line: It’s been quite the week as far as news pertaining to illegal immigration goes. As we’ve discussed, aside from the record levels of illegal immigration being facilitated across our southern border by the Biden administration, we’ve now learned that there’s been far more to the story, and far more illegal immigrants pouring into the United States than we’d previously known. An expose released this week from Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies has uncovered a covert government operation that’s been in place since at least last October, but potentially much earlier, which has been flying illegal immigrants directly into the United States from countries around the world. We also have now learned from Customs and Border Patrol that they’ve encountered and processed a total of 7.4 million non-citizens since the onset of the Biden administration at our southern border. A total in a little over three years, that’s nearly triple the entire number of the four years of the Trump administration. 

Florida has been the top destination for illegal immigrants crossing the southern border but also for those making use of the covert Biden administration migrant flight program with approximately 87% choosing to fly to Florida under it. Over 326,000 illegal immigrants have been revealed to have flown into Florida since last October. And aside from the cost of illegal immigration which now averages $1,156 annually per federal taxpayer – there's what’s often the even bigger cost. The criminal impact of illegal immigrants aka “non-citizens”. It’s been extensive. As I’ve regularly highlighted since obtaining the latest information in January... 

Non-citizens commit crimes at a rate that’s 914% higher than citizens and they’re responsible for... 

  • 24% of all drug trafficking 
  • 25% of all property crimes 
  • 28% of all fraud 

Naturally if we have had record numbers of illegal immigrants/non-citizens pouring into this country and if they’re greater than 9x more likely to commit crimes than citizens we’re going to have significantly higher crime rates. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing. We have the national crime rate available for the first year and a half of the Biden administration. That leads us to addressing today’s question. Here’s the crime rate increase during the first two years of the Biden administration: 

  • Year 1: 29% increase in crime 
  • Year 2: Additional 6% increase in crime - (36%+ increase from Trump administration levels) 

There’s a lot that’s remarkable here. First, the United States, a country of greater than 330 million people is a huge country to have year-over-year increases of 29% in any category. That we’re talking about a 29% increase in crimes committed from one year to the next is incredible. In fact, there’s not another year in American history, since record keeping began, in which we’ve had an increase in crime that large from one year to the next. More remarkable still is that the subsequent year was even worse with a two-year increase in crime under the Biden administration of 36% - also the largest two-year increase in American history. Now, again this is entirely logical given the record volume of illegal immigrants allowed into this country and the aforementioned increases in crime associated with non-citizens. What isn’t at all logical, at least for any justifiable reasons, is an administration allowing for this to happen to its citizens and the country generally. Just as alarming as this information is, is what we don’t yet have crime data for.  

The most recent government data is for the 2021-2022 fiscal year – meaning we don’t yet have the crime rate that reflects changes that have happened since September of 2022. According to Customs and Border Patrol data, there have been more noncitizens allowed into this country since January of 2023 than had been allowed in during the first two years of the Biden administration. Imagine what the crime rate will look like once the data becomes available.  

As of 2022, the crime rate had risen to the highest levels in this country since 1996. Given the correlation between illegal immigrants/non-citizens and crime rates it’s possible we could approach the highest recorded crime rates in our country’s history. What we know is that the average American was already 36% more likely to be a victim of crime a year and a half into the Biden administration compared to the Trump administration. We also know that the increased crime risk in real-time is much higher than that number – it's just unclear how much higher.  

Additionally, given that we’ve learned that Florida is consistently the top destination for non-citizens being allowed in by the Biden administration, our challenges statewide and locally are certain to be exacerbated. One benefit we do have in combating crime are state and local law enforcement agencies which will prosecute crimes. As we’ve recently heard from local law enforcement officials...they’re being tested.  

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