Palm Beach, Martin & Indian River’s Voter Registration Changes – April 11th

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Palm Beach, Martin & Indian River’s Voter Registration Changes – April 11th, 2024     

Bottom Line: 2022's record setting election cycle for Republicans in Florida has changed the entire political perception of it. No longer the ultimate swing state, we’re now viewed as a red state. The state’s latest voter registration information reflected the continued surge in Republican momentum in Florida. Last week, via the latest data drop from The Florida Division of Elections, we learned that the trend has carried into this presidential election year. The Republican advantage over Democrats now stands at a record 855,701 voters. That includes a net change of 4,284 to the advantage of Republicans since the previous update.  

The record performance for Republicans in 2022’s midterm elections wouldn’t have been possible if not for the flipping of two of Florida’s three largest counties - Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. While Palm Beach County broke for the entire Republican cabinet for the first-time ever, Democrats still held a large voter registration advantage over Republicans on Election Day. What we’ve seen since, by way of voter registration changes, suggests that Palm Beach County’s rightward turn in the previous election cycle wasn’t an outlier.   

At the peak of the Democrat voter registration advantage in Palm Beach County Democrats held an advantage of 138,400 voters. Democrats now hold an advantage of only 53,559 voters. Republicans have reduced the Democrats’ advantage by another 352 voters since the previous update. The local trend continues to mirror the state’s overall trend as Democrats have lost ground to Republicans every month for over a year. Here are the changes since the previous update. 

  • In Martin County Republicans now hold an advantage of 35,459 voters, which is a net gain of 348 voters  
  • In Indian River County Republicans currently hold an advantage of 32,293 voters, an increase of 392 voters 

Yes, Florida’s red counties generally have been becoming “redder”, however the biggest storyline continues to be Florida’s blue counties becoming far less blue with Palm Beach County representing ground zero for that storyline. 

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