Dad Charged With Murder For Shooting Neighbor Accused Of Exposing Himself

Eddi Moreno Jr., 47

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

A Las Vegas father has been charged with murder for shooting his neighbor who allegedly exposed himself during an altercation in front of his house. A police report obtained by Fox News said that Eddi Moreno Jr. had just returned home from a soccer game with his family when he saw his neighbor Joe Moreno near his property.

Moreno Jr. grabbed a gun and confronted Moreno, accusing him of breaking into his home. Eddi's wife called 911 and told the dispatcher that Joe was exposing himself in front of her kids. Audio of the 911 call was obtained by KLAS.

"He's yelling at us while we pulled into the driveway. We have all our kids in the car," she told the dispatcher, adding that he "began thrusting towards" Eddi.

While she was on the phone with the 911 operator, gunshots could be heard in the background.

"My husband shot him," she told the dispatcher. "You better come quick."

A neighbor's doorbell camera captured the shooting. Moments before firing, Eddi warned Joe: "I am going to murder you, come right here!"

After Eddi shot Joe, he said, "That's what he gets. He's not going to do that in front of my kids."

However, when Eddi was interviewed by officers, he told them that "he did not remember seeing Joe's genitals prior to the shooting. He then "stated after the shooting, he believed Joe's genitals were exposed while he was lying on the ground."

Eddi was taken into custody and charged with open murder with a deadly weapon. He was released after posting a $100,000 bond. 

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