Expansion of Florida's Guardian Program

Expansion of Florida’s Guardian Program

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A teacher that legally(carries)a firearm off school campus should be allowed to legally carry on campus. To frame it as "Arming teachers" is FALSE,The program allows volunteers that legally carry off campus to carry on campus, There are wolves out there, the solution is not more sheep it's more sheep dogs.

Bottom Line: This note is in response to a conversion about the expansion of the Guardian program with Rep. Shevron Jones yesterday. First, I want to hit the reset button about what specifically did pass in the state session and was just signed into law by Governor DeSantis. Here are the specifics in the law which takes effect October 1st:

  • School District must opt into the program
  • A teacher has the choice to participate or not participate
  • A teacher must successfully complete the Guardian program

Thus far 25 of Florida’s 67 School Districts have approved of allowing teachers to participate in the Guardian Program. Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties are among those prohibiting participation. So, regardless of one’s opinion in South Florida, it’s not happening regardless. But back to the characterizations. Part of what’s been seemingly lost in the debate is what the Guardian program is in Florida. Here ya go: 

  • 80 hours of firearms instruction
  • 16 hours of instruction on precision pistol instruction
  • 8 hours of instruction and experience in shooting simulators
  • 8 hours of instruction in active-shooter or assailant scenarios
  • 8 hours of instruction in defensive tactics
  • 12 hours of instruction on legal issues
  • 12 hours of certified, nationally recognized diversity training

There’s no guarantee that anyone entering the program will successfully complete it. I’d agree that the characterization of “arming teachers” is a reach when those requirements are involved. At the same time, I’m glad the requirements are as stringent as they are, and we aren’t just allowing a concealed carry permit to be the determining factor. There’s a vast difference between being prepared to defend yourself vs a classroom of children. Ideally, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but this is anything but an ideal world. We’re all entitled to our opinions. These are the facts. They’re often ignored in lieu of rhetoric designed to elicit an emotional response rather than analytical thought. I think it’s important to remember that everyone has the same goal here. Safer schools. 

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