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Q&A – Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants

Q&A – Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants 

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Today’s Entry: Hey Brian. I have been a long time listener and love your work. Are there any stats of how many illegal immigrants have killed Americans before and after Biden has taken office? 

Bottom Line: Ask and you shall receive. It’s a great question and a specific angle to the illegal immigration crisis under President Biden’s open border policies that I’ve yet to cover. The office of U.S. Customs and Border Protection compiles nationwide data on what they call “Criminal Noncitizens”. They make the data available annually in terms of the total numbers of crimes committed that led to criminal convictions and by specific type of crime committed. A comparison of the crimes committed by “noncitizens” during the first three years of the Trump administration compared to the first three years of the Biden administration is about as eye opening as you might think. Let’s start with a side-by-side comparison.  

Total criminal convictions of noncitizens during the first three years: 

  • Trump FY17-FY19: 19,498  
  • Biden FY21-FY23: 38,058 

That's a total increase of 18,560 criminal convictions during the first three years of the Biden administration, or in other words a 95% increase in crimes committed by illegal immigrants since he took office. And for additional perspective, be mindful that these are only crimes that resulted in criminal convictions. There are far more crimes that are committed in which offenders aren’t apprehended or that occur in sanctuary jurisdictions where the perpetrators aren’t criminally prosecuted following an arrest. But even that dramatic side-by-side doesn’t tell the entire story. As President Trump successfully began implementing his border policy which included the construction of the southern border wall, remain in Mexico policy and increased deportation efforts by ICE, crime by “noncitizens” steadily declined.  

Here’s a look at the year-by-year progress made during the Trump administration via criminal convictions of noncitizens by year:  

  • 2017: 8,531 
  • 2018: 6,698 
  • 2019: 4,269 
  • 2020: 2,438 

You’ll notice the dramatic yearly decrease in the number of crimes committed by illegal immigrants during the Trump administration. Now granted the 4th year was a COVID year which likely impacted the rate of crimes committed during the year – but even the most recent pre-COVID year saw that crimes had decreased by half over what he inherited during his first year in office. Now compare that to what we’ve seen during the Biden administration:  

  • 2021: 10,763 
  • 2022: 12,028 
  • 2023: 15,267 

That’s an alarming increase. Crimes committed by illegal immigrants increased fivefold in Biden’s first year compared to Trump’s last year in office (or by 2.5 times if you include the most recent pre-COVID year) and have risen by another 50% since then. With such a rapid rise in crime committed by noncitizens and with record flows of illegal immigrants into this country more recently – one can only imagine what the number for this year will be. That’s the big picture perspective on the issue. Today’s question specifically asked about murders during this administration. That total is even more dramatic.  

Nationwide there were a total of 11 criminal convictions of noncitizens for either homicide or manslaughter during the four years of the Trump administration. There have already been more murders committed by noncitizens since last October – 14 – than occurred during the entire four years of the Trump presidency. In the three years and one month that Joe Biden has been president there have been a total of 165 murders committed by noncitizens (that are known of). The murder rate of American citizens by noncitizens has risen 15-fold since Joe Biden became President of the United States. In other words, Americans are now 15-times more likely to be a victim of a noncitizen than they were during the Trump administration. And it goes right down the line. Pick your crime and the story is the same. There were more sexual assaults by noncitizens that happened during Joe Biden’s first year in office than happened under the Trump presidency.  

I’ve often said that the most pervasive form of bias in news media is omission of information. That remains true. However, in many respects it’s far more nefarious than just withholding the truth about how much more at risk you are of being a victim of crime due to Biden’s open border policies. They’ve often chosen to directly lie to you in suggesting that “noncitizens” are less likely to commit crimes than American citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth.  

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