GOP Primary For Open Seat In State House District 91

“Vote Here” Directional Sign Outside of Polling Place

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There's an open seat in Florida House, District 91, with State Rep. Emily Slosberg not running after two terms in office.

With redistricting, District 91 now covers most of Boca Raton and all of Highland Beach.

In the Republican Primary, Candidate Peggy Gossett-Seidman is a Highland Beach town commissioner since 2018. She is a one-time sports writer for the Palm Beach Post, who later turned to public relations with the Women's Tennis Association.

Gossett-Seidman says her town was undergoing a downturn in terms of management and oversight, which is what led her to run for public office.

"Now we're named the number one safest town in the state. MSM (mainstream media) reported it. It was widely reported in May."

Something she takes some credit for is the fact that Highland Beach is building its own fire station. They currently pay Delray Beach for fire rescue services and Gossett-Seidman says the town will save two million dollars a year.

"This is something I started researching in 2018, seeing that our ambulance...our medical transport...was actually leaving the town and bringing people from other towns to hospitals at our cost and that was not effective."

She says she's brought infrastructure funding to Highland Beach from the state Capitol and takes frequent trips there.

"I've been working, lobbying in Tallahassee to get funds for the area. It's an easy fit for me to morph into the state rep job. I'm used to it. I know how to do it."

In this primary, Gossett-Seidman faces Christina DuCasse who refers to herself as an "America-first patriot" who grew up in Boca Raton and is married to a firefighter/paramedic for Boca Raton Fire Rescue.

We reached out to her multiple times and never heard back.

The winner will go up against Democrat Andy Thomson, a Boca Raton City Councilman, in November.

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