Florida House District 87 - Caruso Vs. Osta

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In our Election Spotlight, the race for the District 87 seat in the Florida House of Representatives.

Republican Mike Caruso has been serving in District 89 since 2018. Redistricting has broken 89 into three parts and 87 covers some of that.

What is the biggest concern to residents in the District?

"Clearly inflation is number 1. They're concerned not only about the cost of hamburger and gasoline, but they're concerned about the price of property insurance and their property tax going up. That's where they're really getting hit."

Gov. DeSantis says he will call another special session on the property insurance crisis before the end of the year. Caruso says he's ready.

"We need to deal with frivolous lawsuits. We need to deal with predatory contractors. And when it comes to recertification of our buildings that are three stories or more, we need to get back there and make sure that we allow more time for this recertification and more time for the reconstruction or the correction of any found problems by the engineers that are hired."

The Democrat in this race is Sienna Osta, an attorney who previously ran for another state House seat in 2020.

She's a first-generation Lebanese-American and lists among her important issues affordable housing and abortion rights.

Osta did not respond to numerous attempts to interview her for this race.

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