Incumbent, Former Lake Worth Mayor & Political Newcomer In Boynton Race


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There are two races in the City of Boynton Beach on March 14.

There's an incumbent commissioner, a former Lake Worth mayor and a political newcomer in the race for District 4.

Traffic safety in the city is a major concern for Danny Ferrell. He says there have been numerous crashes near his home on Gateway, between Lawrence and Congress.

"So within two weeks we had three people injured, one of them killed."

Ferrell reached out to the city commissioners and county leaders and says the only one who ever got back to him was County Mayor Gregg Weiss. That sparked his desire to run for office.

"A lot of people are very upset with the city government here and it's the unresponsiveness to the citizens."

The future of the property where the failing Boynton Beach Mall now sits is a hot topic in the city. Ferrell and the other candidates say they want affordable housing to be a part of the project.

Tom Ramiccio, the one time Lake Worth mayor, shares his vision.

"Where it becomes a regional entertainment, dining and shopping destination copmlete with affordable and workforce housing."

Ramiccio was vying for this seat last spring, after Ty Penserga vacated it to successfully run for mayor. He was beaten out by Aimee Kelley.

Ramiccio shares his thoughts on her time in office.

He accuses the incumbent of making a number of decisions that affected her husband, a Boynton Beach Police Captain, in a good way.

"All of these things personally benefit her and her husband. She's done a lot, but all of it was not transparent, was not good for the city."

Kelley says she seeks the opinions of the Palm Beach County Ethics Commission before deciding on whether she can weigh in on certain agenda items...

"I have not voted for anything that directly affects, you know, my husband."

Kelley was previously appointed to the city commission back in 2018 and served for five months, but didn't run for election at that time. This time she wants a full term lists 'protecting taxpayers' among her campaign priorities.

"I think we have to continue to look at ways that we can reduce the property tax rate, especially given what we're facing between still recovering from the global pandemic and also inflation."

Hear more from the candidates in the audio players above.

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