Five Candidates Are Running In Wellington's Village Council Seat 4 Race

Voting sign on the walkway

Photo: JillianCain / iStock / Getty Images

Our focus remains on the Village of Wellington, where there are three races including one for mayor and two for the Village Council.

Seat 4 is open because Councilman Michael Napoleone is running for mayor.

Five candidates are vying for his seat, including Shelly Lariz Albright. She was a candidate for the State House of Representatives in 2022 and works as Director of Children and Youth Ministries at St. Peter's United Methodist Church. She's currently serving on the Wellington Education Committee.

The most contentious issue in the village right now is the development of 96 acres in the equestrian preserve for homes and other non-equestrian uses.

"I'm sad because it has completely divided our community for sure. And, you're right, it has been incredibly contentious."

In exchange for the land, Wellington Lifestyle Partners will build a new showgrounds. Albright says the developers have to adhere to a list of requirements, and if they don't then the land goes back to Wellington.

"What I'm doing right now is hoping for the best. We want to make sure that we hold people accountable to their word. And I believe they will, I mean it's in their best interest to do that."

But she admits to me that had she been on the council when this was initially voted on, she would have been a "no."

We've reached out to all of the candidates in this race and we'll let you hear from them if and when they get back to us.

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