Race For Open Seat On Palm Beach Town Council Attracts 2 Candidates


Photo: Marilyn Nieves / E+ / Getty Images

The Town of Palm Beach is in our Election Spotlight, one week away from the municipal elections that run concurrently with the state's Presidential Preference Primary.

There is one race in the town, an open Group 3 seat because Council President Maggie Seidman has decided not to run for a fifth term. Two candidates are vying for this seat, including architect John David Corey. He has served six years on the town's Architectural Commission and tells us why he's running.

"I have the ability to push back on the over-intensification of the island. And I have been advocating against too much on this island for years and years and years."

Corey wants the integrity of the architectural designs in Palm Beach neighborhoods maintained and would like to see more strict enforcement of code regulations that are already in place, but too often ignored.

Fellow candidate Bridget Moran is retired from a career in marketing and spends her time volunteering for a number of organizations in the area and also serves on the Palm Beach Landmarks Preservation Commission.

She includes among her priorities warding off overdevelopment. Moran has her mind on a decision that will have to be made soon by the Town Council...the drinking water in Palm Beach comes from West Palm Beach, but the contract is up in 2029, so the town has been getting proposals.

"And currently, we've narrowed it down to two (proposals)...them being (the) City of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach. So what we need to do is get the actual proposals and then evaluate, you know, the quality, quantity, reliability, costs and impact to our quality of life that it takes to get the water here."

Moran says either choice will require some infrastructure upgrades in the town.

Early voting is underway through Sunday, March 17. Election day is March 19.

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