Four Candidates Run To Fill Empty Seat On Lake Park Commission

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The Town of Lake Park was the first zoned municipality in the state of Florida. It was officially incorporated in 1923 as Kelsey City, named after its founder Harry Kelsey.

Over 100 years later, Lake Park has one seat up for grabs on the Town Commission.

John Linden has stepped down, leaving that seat vacant and four people are running. They include Michael Hensley, a middle school special education teacher who was raised in Lake Park. He's also executive director of a nonprofit that serves needy families.

Langer's biggest priority?

"Lake Park is in redevelopment part, where you have some buildings coming up, high rises and that stuff. Well, we have to look at smart redevelopment. We have to look at what's best for us and the residents of Lake Park. But we also got to keep Mr. Kelsey's dream of preserving the historic part of Lake Park."

The development includes at Lake Park's marina, which has candidate Hollis Langer unhappy.

"I'm not against development. I think that, you know of course towns are going to grow. You don't see a lot of the older buildings anymore because developers have gone in and redeveloped everything high rises by the coast."

Langer works in television marketing.

Also running for this seat are former Town Commissioner Anne Lynch and Rafael Moscoso, but they did not respond to our attempts to reach them. This election fills the empty seat for one year, with a three year term up for grabs in 2025.

Tuesday March 19th is election day.

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