Accused Florida DC Rioter Has 'No Regrets'

(Summerfield, FL) -- A Florida man has no regrets about his actions at the US Capitol.

Summerfield's Michael Curzio was arrested for unlawful entry after Wednesday's riot on Capitol Hill. He posted yesterday, though, that his point was made, and he has no regrets about anything.

His roommate says she spoke to Curzio, and she says he told her the crowd was so big you couldn't go anywhere but forward, so they were effectively pushed inside the building. She also tells Channel 9 Curzio has no ties to any activist groups at all, and he's not going to destroy things and hurt people.

Records show Curzio served eight years in prison for attempted murder until his release in 2019. Police say Michael Curzio was arrested in 2012 after he shot a man in a dispute over a former girlfriend.

Photo credit: Florida Department of Corrections 2012

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