Efforts Underway To Recall The Mayor Of West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James

Photo: CBS 12

A former candidate for mayor of West Palm Beach has launched a campaign to recall the incumbent.

A judge last week removed Rodney Mayo from the ballot for the March municipal election, ruling that he is not qualified to run since he doesn't live in the city.

Mayo, who owns several businesses in West Palm Beach, spoke out at City Hall Monday night.

"People are upset and I've heard from people that don't necessarily support me but they just don't like the fact that this is the first time in the history of West Palm that an election has been canceled."

He tells CBS 12 News that West Palm Beach is the largest city in Palm Beach County and he is working on collecting the 3,500 signatures needed for a petition to recall Mayor Keith James.

Mayo owns at least ten businesses, mostly restaurants, in West Palm Beach and in a Facebook post claims that his connection to the city go back many years.

Two City Commissioners are running unopposed and will be automatically re-elected.

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