Former Navy Rescue Swimmer Almost Drowns Security Guard in Florida Pool

A Small Hand Reaches Out Of A Swimming Pool To Grasp The Edge Perhaps To Keep From Drowning

Photo: Getty Images

Okaloosa County, FL - A former Navy swimmer has been charged with attempted murder after nearly drowning a security guard in a Florida condominium's swimming pool.

Seth Beavers has been charged with attempted murder after attacking and almost drowning the security guard at an Okaloosa Island condominium's swimming pool.

According to reports, the security guard had informed Beavers that the pool was closed and he had to leave when Beavers attacked him, dragging him into the pool and holding his head underwater.

The victim managed to break free and get to the side of the pool, but Beavers put him in a headlock and pulled him underwater again before he was finally freed.

The victim, who cannot swim, feared for his life during the attack.

According to investigators, as a Navy swimmer, Beavers received extensive training on how to disable others in the water, and he admitted to the attack, claiming that the security guard had swung at him.

Beavers was charged with attempted murder and is being held without bond at the Okaloosa County Jail.

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