Sen. Scott On FSU's Playoffs Snub & Ukraine Funding

Rick Scott

Photo: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Florida Senator Rick Scott continues to lash out at the College Football Playoff selection committee over its decision to shut FSU out of the playoffs, despite an undefeated season.

"They play by the rules, they do everything right and then guess what...they're not in. It just doesn't make any sense."

The Republican wrote a letter to the Committee Chairman, demanding "total transparency" on how the decision was made.

He says thus far he hasn't received any word, though Chairman Boo Corrigan said on ESPN that Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis, a West Palm Beach native, being out with a season-ending injury made the Seminoles less competitive.

"It just appears to me that they wanted to make their decision and they came up with a reason."

Scott's letter asks for transparency in the process.

"Be transparent. How'd you vote? How'd you make your decision? I want to know how much did ESPN have involved in this. This is supposed to be the four best teams playing for the championship."

Number 5 ranked FSU will instead play 6th ranked Georgia in the Orange Bowl in Miami on December 30th.

In other news, Florida's junior U.S. senator is putting his foot down when it comes to Ukraine funding.

As President Biden urges Congress to approve another round of funding to help Ukraine fight Russia, Scott says his priorities are not in the right place.

"We are not gonna spend a dime on Ukraine's border unless we fix our border. It's not gonna happen."

Scott says that the amount of funding sent to Ukraine should be tied to a monthly reduction in illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.

He says millions of migrants have come across the border, unvetted. Biden says if Congress doesn't approve more Ukraine funding, there will be none to give by the end of the month.

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