More Palm Beach County Schools Get Metal Detectors

Metal Detector At Palm Beach County High Schools

Photo: CBS 12

More metal detectors are being rolled out at schools in South Florida.

The walk-thru devices showed up this week at four campuses in Palm Beach County, including Boynton Beach, Park Vista, Forest Hill and Palm Beach Central High Schools.

They were in use on Thursday for the first time at Palm Beach Central, where many students said they were late getting to class after waiting in line more than 20 minutes.

The school district was previously running a pilot at four schools and it plans to expand the devices to all public high schools in the county.

They will be phased in and district officials say that by summer, every high school will have metal detectors.

Last week, Indian River County Schools implemented metal detectors at Vero Beach High School after a student was found with a loaded gun.

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