FDOT Challenged By West Palm Beach Over State Road 7 Expansion Project

State Road 7 Expansion

Photo: Florida Dept. of Transportation

The Florida Department of Transportation is back in court over a planned expansion of a major roadway in Palm Beach County.

The City of West Palm Beach is challenging the agency from getting an Environmental Resource Permit, which is required to extend State Road Seven from Okeechobee Boulevard north to 60th Street. It's needed to ensure any environmental impacts are being thought out before going ahead with construction.

Scott Peterson, FDOT's roadway design engineer assigned to the project tells CBS 12 News that when a criticism is made, the agency takes it very seriously.

"We will investigate those claims. We want to make sure we're doing the right thing. I personally want to make sure we're doing things properly and ethically and above board and following all statutes. And it is my belief after seeing all evidence that we area."

The project has been moved to fiscal year 2028 and 29 due in part to the ongoing litigation.

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