St. Lucie Sheriff Warns Drivers Not To Ignore School Bus Stop Signs

Yellow school bus. Stop sign. Be careful, schoolchildren crossing the road. New academic year semester. Welcome back to school. Lockdown, distance remote education learning

Photo: Inside Creative House / iStock / Getty Images

St. Lucie County's sheriff has put out a PSA to warn drivers that they will be ticketed if they drive past a stopped school bus.

The move comes after viral videos from the mother of a child showing car after car speeding past the stop arm on school buses.

Sheriff Keith Pearson appears with the schools superintendent in a newly released public service announcement.

The sheriff says a $370 ticket is "no laughing matter."

There is a new state law that allows counties to place video cameras on the outside of school buses to capture footage of vehicles violating the law, then send out tickets.

Not many counties are taking advantage of that new law yet.

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