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It’s ‘IMPERATIVE’ you understand THIS about ESG & the WEF

It’s ‘imperative’ you not only understand certain aspects about the World Economic Forum and its push for ESG, Glenn says, but that you share the information with your friends and family as well. And the best place to find all the information about the WEF’s push for ESG is straight from the source: The World Economic Forum’s own website doesn’t shy away from sharing its plans to control YOUR future. In this clip, Glenn lays out the parts you MUST understand. He explains the ONLY way we can stop ESG…and it all begins with YOU.

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GLENN: Okay. I want to talk to you a little bit. And give you an update on a couple of things.

ESG is one. But first, let me start with the three problems that we have.

And these all are front burner now.

There's very little time for you to get up to speed, and you have to be very, very careful on whom you are in bed with.


Trust no one. And as I'll show you later on in the show. That will get much worse within a couple of years.

First, biggest most pressing problem.

ESG and the World Economic Forum.

It is imperative, that you teach your friends and your families, about ESG, and the World Economic Forum.

It is important that you do not go to any other source, honestly, than the World Economic Forum. You can watch them say and plan all these things out in the open. Now, they've taken a lot of this stuff out of their line. But there's something called the way back machine, where you can show, this originated from them. We have a second book coming out, probably in June, or God forbid, July. And it is going to outline how deep the problem is, beyond ESG, now into tech.

The second biggest problem that we have, standing in the way of freedom, is our federal government. And the governments of the West. They are in bed with ESG. Look at Canada. It is terrifying what Canada is turning into. So our federal government is now a problem.

And the third one is tech and AI. These are the three biggest problems that we have right now, that are standing in our way.

And you are going to feel very, very small when it comes to all three of them.

Do you feel like you can battle big tech?

Big tech, by the way, is hiring all of the people. It is a revolving door, from the FBI Justice Department and our nation's intelligence agencies.

It's a revolving door. They're basically running high-tech now, at the highest levels. It is terrifying, this public/private partnership and merger between our law enforcement and our spy agencies, with big tech.

But they also introduced something now that is just starting to become real. And you might skip these stories, but please do not.

Anything on ChatGPT is very important. Because it's an entry-level understanding of how the world is going to change.

Once AI kicks in, and is over -- over everything, we're in deep trouble.

Deep, deep trouble.

Federal government, you understand. ESG, and the World Economic Forum, you understand.

But let me -- let me start this program with just a look at the WEF, and ESG.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with the head of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts. Who I have a great deal of respect for.

And just in full disclosure.

And not to sell them down the river. Because I believe in the Heritage Foundation. But they are part of -- they are part of a coalition.

And they don't have control of all the partners, et cetera, et cetera.

And I'm not sure who is part of this coalition, and what their real intent is.

Because they're doing some things that I don't understand.

And they're blocking legislation that empowers you. At times.

The coalition is. The coalition is.

Yesterday, Kevin Roberts came out with a great statement.

ESG poses a clear and present danger to the American way of life, the soul of our nation and every sector of our economy.

Many organizations in the conservative movement have undertaken efforts to address this threat, through policy research, litigation, commentary, model legislation and more.

The conservative movement is best when it moves in unison. And Heritage is honored to help lead and work alongside multiple coalitions focused on these activities.

We support any leader and organization, who is charging the Hill, to limit the power of woke financial institutions and eliminate politics in the boardrooms of America's companies. On this issue, we're proud to work with, blah, blah, blah.

Our movement is stronger together. I completely agree, with Kevin and the Heritage Foundation on this.

We cannot separate ourselves from one another. I will support when I can. They should support when they can.

And we should support each other when we are moving in the same direction. However, I want to make something real clear. The fight on this is happening right now, at your state level.

If you want to change things, the next two weeks are very important.

And there are three different types of legislation. I'm sorry to get so into the weeds.

But you are the only solution to this. Three types of legislation being pushed. And I want you to understand the different bills, so you can be aware of what is being introduced into your state. And so you are empowered with the pertinent information to fight for the protections you need for your life. For your family. For your business.

This is happening now in the next couple of weeks. You cannot trust the system. Understand that. The system is corrupt.

The system of lobbying is corrupt. The system -- the global system of banking is corrupt.

The closer you get to you, the less corrupt -- the less the possibility is, that it is corrupt.

But it's still a real threat, at the local level.

Do not trust the system. And I mean that means even me.

I am saying, do your own homework.

Anything that, for instance, wall builders is doing on this. Partnered with me.

You need to understand. I want you to look under every rock. I want you to see exactly what we're doing.

I want you -- and if you have a better idea, great. Maybe we'll support you on that better idea.

But we're looking to -- let me explain it this way.

The World Economic Forum, and ESG is a nasty super virus. Or super bug. Okay?

We need our strongest antibiotics, to kill this thing. Now, why do they always say, take all your antibiotics?

Because if you leave any of that bug alive in your system, you stop taking those antibiotics, towards the end. Because you feel better.

What you've left behind, is the strongest part of that bug. And they mutate, and get stronger. And then they don't -- they're immune to antibiotics. Almost everything in our system, is immune to antibiotics.

You can expose it, and nothing happens. You can -- you can document, and expose, and you can even bring it all the way up to the top. To the justice system. And nothing happens.

It's immune to almost all of our antibiotics.

So we need the strongest antibiotics, we have left in the republic, to go after this bug.

And make sure it is wiped out, entirely.

take all of the antibiotics.

So do not dismiss any approach. Kill it with everything that you have. Does that make sense?

The most important thing, I think, is we must return the power to the hands of the people.

And right now, heritage is working on. And so are many others.

But because I brought up Heritage. They're working on some really great bills. Number one bill, prohibit state contracts with companies that boycott based on ESG causes.

So your state won't award any contract to anybody.

Now, remember, we'll probably have only about 20 states, and they'll be the red states. Where the blue states are the ones, generally speaking, New York and California. That carry all of the weight. And any purple state is not going to do it. Okay?

So prohibit state contracts.

A good move. Number two, prohibit state pension funds for being used for ESG.

A spectacular move. Has to be done.

However, I want you to understand, that doesn't affect you.


Prohibiting state pension funds from being used under ESG.

State pension funds. That's not your pension.

That's just the state workers. So it doesn't include everything.

Again, it's the state doing what the state can do. With the money that they have.

What about your pension fund?

And that's what is happening now in Congress. Okay?

Now, the -- the last one is in my -- in my estimation, equally as important. And it is called fair access.

The third type of bill. And this is the one the banks and everybody else is standing up against.

Fear fighting the others. But they are winning the fight on fair access.

And that's concerning to me.

This is the one, that provides protection for you.

And our critical industries. It is protection for you.

The little guy, the individual. Because let's not forget. E, S, and G are truly against you.

Cut your energy off.

Cut your -- your voice out, by regulating what you can and cannot say.

And destroy your business by making sure that you have the right kind of people according to the banks and the to the government. In your organization.

That will destroy everything in America. In fact, Larry Fink is, every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to net zero world.

The question is: Will you lead or will you be led?

So the third bill that I think is really important, is fair access to financial services act.

Fair access, would require -- this is -- the argument is -- the state can't tell businesses what they can and cannot do.

Well, really?

Because they seem to be doing that a lot lately.

The local banks, and the state banks, and the credit unions. And insurance.

Under the -- the fair access to financial services act. Will require them to disclose to you, if anything is denied, based on anything other than quantitative financial standards and traditional criteria.

So if you're -- if you're applying for a loan, and your ESG score is bad, they have to tell you that.

Now, people will say, why is that so important?

Okay. So we know. Information is power. When they have to tell you that, you then, as an individual or a corporation or a company can come in, and sue them. Without this part, you're waiting around for the attorney general.

And you have no problem to what they're doing. It's all hearsay.

Look, I know I've walked in to that bank, I've always been good, and they turned me down. Why did they turn me down?

Well, they don't have to tell you. So you can never take action against them.

And you do not want to wait or hope and pray, that your attorney general, is -- is walking the same line, as you are.

And is also -- well, is also not so overwhelmed, that he can take this on.

The power must reside with you.

That doesn't mean that the other things can't be passed. They should be passed.

But Fair Act -- I want you to call your legislatures today. And tell them, you want a fair access bill.

It is so critically important. Now, I will tell you, let me take a quick break. And then I will tell you something I know, that I -- I -- that no one will go on record with. But I have had conversations.

About it.

And I -- I think you need to know about it. Coming up in just a second.

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Ten-second station ID.


Okay. I want to tell you that I've been in meetings. At -- at the state level. And the national level.

And I hear from people at the state level, how the local banks and credit unions, have come and quietly spoken to their legislatures. And begged. Begged their legislatures. To please help them and stop this.

This is going to put them out of business.

And then the big banks step to the table and say, no. No. No.

And the little banks are afraid to say anything. Because it's all connected. They will be punished and run out of business. And they are trying to keep their powder dry as long as they can.

Please, I want you to call your legislator today. This is happening right now.

I want you to call and ask your legislators to pass the Fair Access Bill. Make sure that you're calling your House speaker, and your Senate.

And overwhelm the phones with pass the ESG bills, including the Fair Access Bill.

We have more than a dozen states working on the legislation right now. Not all have filed yet.

Please, do not assume that your state has the support it needs, from conservative organizations.

Don't assume anything, on that. Ask them to introduce, and vote for fair access legislation.

It is critically important. And if you have evidence, that things have already happened to you and they have already denied you, or you've run into problems because of ESG, I want you to go to the website.

They are collecting stories. And here's the problem: This is why we need the Fair Access Bill.

We had fair, I wouldn't have to ask you this. Because you would already be raising up a storm. Because you would know, they just did this to me.

You really -- you have been lied to from the get-go, that ESG was even a thing.

It would never be introduced. It's a conspiracy theory.

You know this is true now. And we are quickly, rapidly approaching a no return time.

Please, call them today.

You want the fair access legislation passed, in your state.

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